EMS Nullagine

BC Iron – Warrigal 1 and 2 Haul Road Construction

The Nullagine Iron Ore Project is located approximately 150 kilometres north of Newman in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Exact Contracting was contracted by BC Iron to construct a new haul road from the existing extent of the Warrigal haul road to new mining areas known as Warrigal 1 and Warrigal 2. The project involved moving approximately 270,000m³ of material and installing 14 culverts.

The scope of works included:

  • Survey for set-out and construction control to conform to design profiles and standards.
  • Removal and stockpile of all vegetation and topsoil within the surveyed boundaries.
  • Removal of all unsuitable or deleterious soils and materials.
  • Management and shaping of all recovered or waste material stockpiles.
  • Segregation and management of selected overburden or waste materials for storage in stockpile or use elsewhere within the project works.
  • Compaction of all foundations and fill layers to specification.
  • Cut-to-fill of suitable construction materials within the boundaries of the project works.
  • Winning borrow pit material from designated stockpiles of approved construction fill or road surfacing, haulage, tipping and spreading and compacting.
  • Construction of roadside safety bunds or windrows.
  • Construction of minor under-road drainage formations and pipe work including headwalls and scour protection.
  • Construction of major creek crossing culverts including scour protection and cover fill to establish continuous haul road thoroughfare.

Exact Contracting undertook additional ancillary services including clearing material dumps, clearing and earthworks for a crushing pad and clearing and earthworks for a road train loop road.