EC Tjukaruru Road

Tjukaruru Road Upgrade and Seal and Floodways

Exact Contracting were engaged by the Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Logistics, Northern Territory for the upgrade and seal of 8.08km of Tjukaruru Rd, heading west from Kata Tjuta and the establishment of five floodway’s at various river crossing along Tjukaruru Rd.

The works consisted of:

  • Site clearance and removal of overburden and vegetation within strict clearance boundaries
  • Earthworks, grading and preparation of surfaces for road course
  • Realigning of intersection at Kata Tjuta Rd and Tjukaruru Rd
  • Installation of Culverts and rock protection along road course
  • Winning, Crushing and Screening of Road Base materials
  • Cutting trenches for concrete margins to be installed in floodway’s
  • Construction of riverbed concrete road floodway courses
  • Cement stabilisation of floodway’s road sub and base course
  • Winning and crushing rock protection materials for both dump rock and Reno Mattress protection
  • Drainage shaping at floodway’s
  • Seal at sections of both the roadway and floodway’s including surface preparation and priming
  • Installation of traffic furniture and line marking according to Australian Standards