EC – CIT Sunlands

CIT Sunlands Pipeline Replacement Project (SPRP)

Exact Contracting was engaged by Central Irrigation Trust (C.I.T.) to replace the existing 1960’s asbestos cement pipeline network in the Sunlands North and South District of Waikerie, South Australia. The pump station located on the Murray River provides potable water to 278 irrigators, 2 industrial customers and 175 domestic customers. Due to the deterioration and age of the pipework the Sunlands Pipeline Replacement Project (SPRP) was created to decommission the Asbestos Cement (AC) pipe whilst minimising the outage of the potable water supply to the Sunlands community. It was important to keep the supply constant due to the high demand of water that the irrigators and domestic houses required during all phases of the project. A total of approximately 31km of pipe was installed with the diameters in the networks ranging between 525mm and 25mm. The pipe material consisted of Glass fibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP), Series 2 PVC-O and high pressure Polyethylene Pipe. Hydraulic modelling was carried out to determine the required pipe and irrigator outlet diameters in order to provide a minimum flow and pressure to the all of the 278 irrigators.

The projects works includes:

  • Locating, identifying and surveying underground services (eg. optical fibre, telecommunication cable, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) cable and existing water mains).
  • Topographic survey.
  • Supply and install of DN525, DN450, DN375, DN300, DN250, DN200, DN150, DN100, DN50 and DN25 pipe.
  • Installing two-wire control cabling.
  • Under road boring.
  • Supply and install of outlets including control valves and flowmeters.
  • Supply and install of network valves (including air valves, isolation valves and scour valves) thrust blocks and associated fittings.
  • Supply and install of standpipe.
  • Asbestos Cement (AC) removal where necessary and licensed disposal.
  • Reinstatement of mainline filters.
  • Detailed longitudinal and cross sectional drawing designs.
  • Road restoration.
  • Hydraulic pressure testing and commissioning of pipework.
  • Quality Assurance (as-built survey, welding records, soil compaction and hydraulic test records, ITP’s and as constructed drawings).

Constant communication and consultation with the property owners throughout the project assisted in a smooth transition and aided with project scheduling to accommodate their watering demands. The major challenge that the project scope created was keeping the supply of potable water to the community of Sunlands throughout the entire project with no more than 48hr shutdown periods when commissioning the pipeline branches. A bypass methodology was designed by Exact Contracting in order to keep the supply of water to irrigators and households while the new pipeline was installed and the AC pipeline was decommissioned. Other challenges faced included locating underground services that was overcome with the use of cable locating equipment and underground penetrating radar.